Re: NANFA-- Minnow trap

R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 9 Sep 2000 20:38:22 -0700

> much. But damn me if I want to drive my jeep on the beach. They always
> the little guy because it's easy, that's why laws against aquarium keeping
> are so easy to pass, we have little or no influence in high places.
> Moon

Thats the thing I see, and why I was so fired up about that other thread.
The "you cant touch, your not smart or good enough" mentality has did it for
me. Just becaues i want property rights, and also the access to wild areas
to use in a "non-high-impact" manner doesnt mean I am a dumb redneck. We
gotta meet in the middle on this one, or we will butt heads for ever.
Draining them tannic lakes wont help the development any, in my opinion
since I like that kind of habitat and the many benefits to ground water they
provide not to mention habitat for incredible flora and fauna found no where
else, it takes away from the bueaty of the land surrounding these new
houses. That is why I replicate them in my ponds in the yard, another no -
no I here. I should divert my efforts to protect some place like them that
is real, not recreate and have my own. They will pry me dead cold hands of
my muddy swamps, real or artificial ! I am going to put on my flannel shirt
and holey jeans and drive my 4x4 truck with gun rack to the Dew Drop Inn,
just teasing Jay).

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