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Fri, 15 Sep 2000 20:46:56 EDT

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<< As you
know, Ed is a devout sculpin hater (and chief chef of sculpin kabobs). We
that you see every sculpin specimen as a potential new species. Then I came
with the ultimate way to get back at Ed Scott for his anti-sculpinism: Name a
species after him! When I said the words "Cottus edscotti" he recoiled like a
salt-covered slug. "No!" he said. "I'd rather die!"

Speaking of sculpin kabobs, Ed regaled us with stories from Dave Etnier's
"Dead Animal Party," in which attendees bring edible dishes made from rarely
eaten animals. This years Ed's planning to bring greenside darter nuggets >>

I'm kinda surprised that Ed is making food out of any kind of darters; I
thought that was the reason that he hated sculpins, because they preyed on
darters. That's rather amusing; the naming of new sculpin species after Ed
Scott, the biggest hater of sculpins. That, and his reaction to the idea.

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