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Christopher Scharpf (
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 21:13:46 -0400

>> >Natural turbidity doesn't mean the water isn't potable. Simply let the
>> >sediments
>> >settle for a few hours and then drink up!
>Fine, after a heard of half a million bison have splashed, rolled,
>defecated, urinated in and crossed the stream YOU just drink your fill
>there big boy.

Sure, be happy to. I'll just drink upstream of the bison urine.

But since enlightened man did a number on the bison, we don't have to worry
about that now, do we?

Besides, bison didn't stop Native Americans and settlers from drinking the
water. And they turned out okay.

>I was just trying to let everyone know that "clear" does NOT necessarily mean
"clean and pure"
> and vice versa...Geeeesh!

Well, heck, cowpoke. Why didn't you just say that? Or at least insert a few
clarifier words. To wit:

"If people today saw the what the water was like 500 years ago, they would call
it a brown, muddy mess containing specific species groups of non-commercial
value. Now, thanks to Federal resevoirs disrupting natural flow regimes, it has
the faulty appearance of a 'reasonably' clear and therefore 'healthier' stream
with a totally different group of nonindigenous species inhabiting it."

See? Now your sentence says what you wanted it to say. And "eco-extremists" like
myself would not have over-reacted.

A friend of mine said a funny thing today: "It must be very difficult to be a
Republican and an environmentalist. One is forced into either hypocrisy or

Chris Scharpf

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