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Fri, 15 Sep 2000 12:57:09 EDT

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<< Unfortunately, shark week sells! I remember my first visit to the Aquarium
of the Americas in New Orleans - I stood - alone - for a long time in front
of the four-eyed fish display , well done with an Anableps-eye-view, while
the patrons crowded in for a glimpse of the shark tank. >>

If I was there I would've been right in front of the anableps tank with you.
I've nevcer seen one in person before and think that they would be
fascinating to view.
I think that a lot of the sharks' "charisma" would be partly from it's
predatory nature and size. Plus the fact that a lot of people are scared of
them. It seems like people are mostly into big animals; that's why you mostly
see programs about big animals, ;like lions, zebras, bears, elephants,
sharks, crocodiles, and the like. The smaller animals from a cursory glance
probably seem less spectacular to the average person who doesn't know much
about animals. I think that various programs like shows on coral reef life
which show many smaller fish and inverts plus shows about insects which are
shown on the Discovery channel and other channels are changing this
perception and I think that native fish shows would help to do this as well.

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