RE: NANFA-- Newport Aquarium

Jay DeLong (
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 20:05:42 -0700

> Until I visited the Newport Aquarium this summer, I thought the
> Aquarium of
> the Americas in New Orleans was one of a kind. Newport's very
> "visitor-friendly" and very informative. Both aquariums have jellyfish
> exhibits that are very fascinating.

The jellyfish room was quite clever-- done as a museum room with the
jellyfish tanks designed to look like pictures on the walls.

> The staff at Newport are very
> friendly and happy to answer questions, even the dumb ones!

It must be hard to deal with questions all day, but the employee at the
horseshoe crab tank seemed genuinely interested in that animal. I felt kind
of sorry for the employee in the shark tube. There really wasn't a good
place for her to stand to answer questions, so she just stood in the tube.

> Tom Payne
> Galena, Ohio (where Fall's colors are beginning to show)

And so was tornado season! The day I arrived was the day Xenia got
clobbered. And the subsequent thunderstorms eliminated any hopes of my
doing a little fish collecting (and I had a tank here at home waiting to put
some variegate darters in). Oh, well-- the fall colors were nice like you
say, and I had a chance to do some things I wouldn't have done otherwise.

Go Buckeyes!

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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