RE: NANFA-- Probability of Dead Stuff

Jay DeLong (
Thu, 7 Sep 2000 17:31:18 -0700

Travis, I can think of a couple exceptions to that: pollution-caused deaths
(can be rapid and massive) and leftovers (someone pass the paddlefish

In terrestrial systems though I'd say we humans have changed the natural
balance to where animals often die before being eaten by predators. We've
eliminated the predators and habitat and now let some prey populations grow
in unhealthy numbers and die from disease, fighting and starvation. I don't
have to tell any of you that life in the wild is nothing like the movie
Bambi. I'd like to turn the borrkies loose on Disney for setting back
wildlife management and public perception 50 years.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

> -----Original Message----- > From: On Behalf > Of Travis Haas > Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2000 4:53 PM > To: > Subject: NANFA-- Probability of Dead Stuff > > > Just a side note that might be helpful to keep in mind: > > The picture of nature's cycles which I have living in my mind is that of > predators picking off the weak BEFORE they die. Isn't that the > way things > usually operate? So, theoretically, carrion should be rare to > non-existant. > The only exception to that is the larger predators themselves: many of > them have no natural predator, thus they must die before their > flesh can be > utilized by other organisms. And then the snapping turtles, after > having to > chase sick fish for a week, are able to come by and munch on a > musky carcass for the next week. > > Long live the Borrkies > Travis Haas

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