Re: NANFA-- Probability of Dead Stuff

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 8 Sep 2000 15:30:49 -0700

I guess I should clarify my stance on " interactions" with protected
species. As it now stands, generally you can not touch, take or disturb the
animal or plant. This in turn supposedly protects them from dieing out. If
they don't have a proper home, they will die out anyways. I think shifting
the emphasis from the now living specie to its habitat for future
generations of these species is what needs to be done. Kind of like
creating a endagered biotope. it just appears to me that these species are
kept at artificially low numbers ( just a term, I realize they are not being
culled down for this purpose) so that there is something for those who
regulate them to have something to do.... Job Security? If habitat is left
to the wind, and those critters to try and fend for themselves, they
probably wont make it back from the brink. many protected plants have been
legally obtained by nurseries, and are bought by gardeners for their private
gardens. I know this delves into the whole thing of introduced species and
such, but I think many populations of properly propagted rare species being
spread around to yards ( rather than invasive non native species) is a good
Idea. It also seems to me to take the one supposed strain of these
populations, illegal harvest away. i also here this will only work for
interesting species, and others will fall through the cracks. Seriously
jeopordized species should be protected , I am talking somthing that lives
in one tiny area and is in serious trouble because this area could disappear
for many reasons. Its hard to describe properly what I am trying to get at,
since this is such a huge subject. Getting back to interactions, areas
those on public lands especially, shouldnt be boarded up and contained like
a toxic waste site. Ummm, bald eagles for example, we have all heard how
they came back, and all the time we were able to see them nesting, hunting
and just living, and it was an awesome sight. If they had some how been
closed away, awareness of them would have been much lower . Not a good
example, but the best I can think of right now.

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