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Tue, 12 Sep 2000 00:54:11 EDT

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<< I used to see logging trucks on the Olympic Peninsula with cardboard signs
attached on that said "spotted owl mobile homes", and things like and "I
like my spotted owl cooked in Exxon oil." >>

That's pretty callous; I think some people just hate animals, at least it
seems that way. That and the "humans come first" mentality; it's
understandable to a certain degree because we're all human, but glorifying
the destruction of animal habitat in a smug, maliciously gleeful manner to me
just strikes me as being ignorant and evil. It all comes back to what Rob
Carillio was saying about people not understanding how the earth works; they
simply seem unable to grasp the concept of limited space and limited
resources that living on any planet would entail. The earth is just an
oversized terrarium/aquarium and it can only handle so many inhabitants and
so much pollution. This really needs to be taught in school to children from
a young age onward.Maybe then the trend can be reversed. Then people will
look back on statements like the spotted owl comments and see how stupid they
really are. After all, it's not this generation's right to say that an animal
no longer has the right to exist because a few corporate heads wanted to make
more money than they needed to live under the pretext of "saving worker's
jobs" (yeah right, I'm sure the environmentalists and not the corporation
heads are responsible for downsizing and laying off people Those damned
spotted owls!). I think that enlightened future generations will curse the
ignorance of the previous ones for destrying creatures they never were able
to behold, and leaving them with a degraded planet.Sorry to preach to the
choir, but I had to vent.

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