RE: NANFA-- Probability of Dead Stuff

Jay DeLong (
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 18:02:23 -0700

You said the solution was patience and education. So I gave an example of
where mass education from every possible medium didn't make a dent in the
minds of the ignorant trailer trash and huge corporations like Exxon that
would ruin this continent's natural environment and destroy endangered
species along the way. And I don't like labels-- never called myself a
liberal. And what is an environmentalist anyway? I like puppies-- never
called myself a puppyentalist...

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

> -----Original Message----- > From: On Behalf > Of mcclurg luke e > Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2000 5:36 PM > To: > Subject: RE: NANFA-- Probability of Dead Stuff > > > > > Typical Liberal garbage...don't like what the person says, so you start > getting WAAAAAYYYYYY off topic and dragging in all kinds of subjects and > inuendo that was never even intended. One must learn and accept that > ignorance is a fact of life in liberals, moderates and conservatives there > are always a few that have to be jerks. Laugh a little people, sometimes > a joke is merely that...if you find it distasteful, GET OVER IT!!! > > Luke

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