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<< >I still think we should have a "Outside NANFA" list, and when threads
> >begin to bother enough people, they could simply reply "take it
> >outside!" Then all that enjoy verbal fencing could be subscribed to
> >that list, where no decorum need be maintained.

I'm just amazed that this list can go for months carrying on the most
trivial discussions on "whether adding Nitella to my tank makes my fish
happier" or "I don't understand why red fish occur with blue fish," yet
issues which are ABSOLUTELY fundamental to the preservation of native fishes
are considered to "bother people," and everyone becomes inordinately PC and
call for an immediate end to the thread. If it weren't for a few folks in
this organization, I'd be really ashamed to call myself a member.

Logic and rational discussion carry on no weight with some people on this
list- whatever that "headline news" article was that just got posted
provides clear and indisputable evidence of that.

Dave >>

I have to agree with Dave in part. I think that discussion like this is good!
I don't care for the name calling and labeling, but there are very important
issues that we should ALL be concerned with! No need to take them off the
board..... Even if things get a little heated (and environmenta issues almost
always do!) that's no reason to be turned off. Just skip through these
threads if it bothers you! But then ask yourself....Am I part of the problem
(we all are to some extent) or do I want to do something to be part of the

Something to keep in mind regarding extreme hatchery
manager and I were talking this morning about how "Isn't it amazing that
essentially anything you have any personal information about....if it shows
up in the paper or on the news, it's invariable full of errors if not
completely false! Makes you wonder if ANY of it's accurate! I believe what I
know. I'm in the field every week. I see aquatic habitats going under all the
time. It makes me makes me sad...and every chance I get to do
something about it or to try to educate someone, I do! But, I also see good
things happening. Landowners willing to fence cattle out of the stream. Ones
willing to encourage riparian growth along stream banks etc... Amidst all of
the negatives, there are a few positives!

Keep up the lively discussions!!!!!!

J.R. <_at_}}}}}}><

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