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><< As to the favorite foods, I also agree that all turtles of the carnivourous
> ilk are live-food eater's and don't prey on dead foods, at all! This
> includes the Snapping-turtles of North America, for sure!
> >>
>BG did you mean to say that snappers don't feed on dead animals? I have
>observed both snappers and soft-shell turtles feeding on carrion in the wild.
>All turtles will eat dead foods even box turtles will feed on carrion
>according to other observers.

Actually snapping turtles are opportunistic omnivores. They will eat
anything, including live or dead animals, as well as plants. I read a while
back that there are populations of snappers that are almost entirely
vegetarian. Don't know how they figured that out though. There was a
fascinating article on snappers (both) in National Geographic a while back.
I'll try too look that up next chance I get.

Ranger Bob

What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating
an endangered plant?

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