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There was some discussion recently about some crabs found in a lake in Las
Vegas. This just came in on a Fly Fishing list I'm on.

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Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 12:05:09 -0700
From: Bruce Pencek <pencek_at_ALEXIA.LIS.UIUC.EDU>
Subject: exotic crabs identified in Las Vegas (pix)
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These critters found their way from Japan to a fancy-schmancy private
lake out here that has Florida-strain largemouths in it. According to
the local state fisheries biologist:
> Other than the crab expert from Northern Michigan U. having
> identified them as Geothelphusa dhaani, which are apparently indigenous
> to Japan and perhaps some other Pacific islands, we really don't know
> much about them yet or their habits, or if they have any potential to
> persist in the lake or in the Colorado River system [e.g. Lake Mead].

Any thoughts on how to do a matching fly pattern in case someone has to
go in there and train those bass to chow down on the real thing? That
big claw would seem to be important to match, but how to do it without
creating something to confound the leader?

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