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> spawn. this would also presumably kill native lamprey species. Since
> are eaten a lot in Europe it seems like they could be instead harvested
> the market there. Or even though most people would probably be disgusted
> the idea of eating lampreys in this country

People just have to get over this strange ( in my opinion) fright of eating
anything different than what is considered right. I think it is working in
other areas of food. You see alot of cultural resturaunts and foods in
super markets than you used to . Take hamburger or sausage for example. If
it hadn't been around so long, could you imagine how people would react to
eating " pureed" steak, or "pureed " steak and seasonings in an intestine???
If you think about it, I think people would prefer to eat "steaked" eels
over processed beef from a naming stance. " hmm, what do we have on the
menu here, fresh cuts of eel, or pulverized beef in an intestine " , ha ha.
I like hamburger and sausage fine, but would eat an eel ( or lampray ) if I
caught one. Just a comparison.


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