Re: NANFA-- reducing exotic pops by fishing pressure
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 00:37:09 EDT

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<< About 10 years ago I had a sad talk with a Mass. Environmental Police
officer along the North River in Marshfield (maybe Hanover?). He was
bemoaning the fact that repeated introductions of coho salmon had failed in
the North River, that this was what license holders really wanted. I
remarked that that was kinda stupid, since the ecology of the river basin is
utterly different from the Pacific northwest just to head the list. He
looked at me like I had pooped on his shoe and repeated that this was what
people wanted. That was the end of that conversation; I left thinking that I
would like a bag of $100 bills but the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
wouldn't come through on that one... >>

Well put, Bruce, that guy seemed like he had a sort of "the customer is
always right" philosophy when it came to a choice between fishing liscense
holders and what was best for the ecology of the river. And who was he to get
disgusted?!? His approach was the one that failed; I'm sure there was lots of
money, time, and effort wasted on repeated introductions of these fishes.
You'd think that he'd finally listen to somebody with common sense, who could
draw the proper conclusion from the results .The Commonwealth of
Massachuesetts should give you a bag of $100 bills and fire that
"Environmental Police" officer.

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