Re: NANFA-- Rules/Regs (was WI Collecting)
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 04:15:26 EDT

In a message dated 9/23/00 12:48:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

<< Now to boot, they don't even allow you to
take introduced, non-native species. Every place you look is nothing but
Mayan cichlids (C. uropthalmus) thousands of them. We stopped at places
and saw NO native fishes, only cichlids. But again, remember this is a
national park, you cant take them, your only allowed to decorate the
trees with your garbage. OH I just figured it out...they make money off
of fishing licenses, not collecting permits. When was the last time you
saw a seine or a dip net in the tree?

Just my note on rules/regs that don't make logical sense, >>

Yet another good example. You'd think that they'd at least let people get rid
of the exotics, or not care if someone took them out of the Everglades. They
need to do something concrete about all of those fishing lines and garbage
lying around tho'; that's more harmful than collectors in the park. If they
have regulations against collecting they should have regulations against
trashing the place.

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