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<< He then turns around and excludes some taxa for being "uninteresting"
(lampreys, mooneyes, smelts, trouts/chars, eels, temperate basses, mullets,
herrings, snooks, surfperches, and mojarras" Come on, like a mimic shiner is
more interesting than an american eel? What's Bob been smoking? >>

Yeah, I agree with what you're saying on the whole mimic shiner versus
American eel, at least from an ascetic point of view. Not like I'm against
mimic shiners (I actually plan on keeping them some time) but to call them
uninteresting in comparison to American eels doesn't make sense; the eels
have a more unusual appearance compared to the more typical-looking mimic
shiners and the like, not to mention interesting behaviours and life history.
I don't understand the logic behind his statement, except perhaps it is due
in part to the eels' potential adult size, which I'm guessing at due to its
inclusion with trouts,basses and the like. I don't think that they're
uninteresting due to their large size, but I would be less interested in all
of the abovementioned groups of fishes as aquarium candidates because of the
fact that I could not due to space constraints adequately house them. If I
had the space and the enormously large tanks to keep them in, I would be
obviously more into them as aquarium fishes.

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