Re: NANFA--Mysid shrimps- Was brook stickleback?
Sat, 23 Sep 2000 18:26:41 EDT

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<< As for mysiad shrimp, I could be wrong, but the gammerus is
the freshwater mysiad shrimp? >>

Nope; gammarus are isopod crustaceans. Don't feel bad; I almost told you that
they were a type of ostracod known in laymen's terms as seed shrimp! I tend
to confuse a lot of these smaller invertebrates with each other. Luckily I
decided to look it up just to make sure. Mysid shrimp are Mysidae, the
oppossum shrimps. One species that exists in North America (especially in
your state, Ray) is Mysis relicta.

Here are some sites showing photos and info on mysis relicta.

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