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Brian Bastarache (
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 21:48:24 -0400

Hey All,

Rick Rego and I just got in from a sort collecting trip. We headed over to
West Island in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. We got there at about 3:15 and
siened til dark. West Island is surrounded by luxurious eelgrass meadows,
and being low tide we could get right out in it!

We've had trouble this year when pulling the seine through the eelgrass.
It rolls up like a rope. Anyone have any suggestions on avoiding this? We
siened on the edge of the grass; half in half out. This seemed to work,
but it would have been nice to get deeper into the eelgrass.

So what did we end up with? Well we drug up a bunch of cunner, tuatog and
northern pipefish. All were juveniles. We also got about a half dozen
black sea bass, four 4 inch king fish, and little winter flounder. All of
these were also juvi's. We usually get northern puffers at this site, but
not a one today. (Did I forget anything Rego?) That was a bummer, but we
did get some good fish. Most of the fish were kept for display at the
Bristol County Natural History Center, and the rest were preserved for
UMASS, Bridgewater State College and Bristol County Agricultural School.

The cool invert of the day were lady crabs. Beutiful pinkish crabs with
black speckles. We kept a small inch long specimen for a tank at the and
released an adult. The little guy is in one of three esturine tanks. It
should be in one of the marine tanks to better represent the species
habitat, but ladies (like the other swiming crabs such as blues) are
notoriously picirvorous. Mummichogs are easy to get if it eats a few.

Early next week we will head out to the east end of the Cape Cod Canal. We
want to hit that Gulf of Maine water before it gets any colder! Whole
different marine fauna on the otherside of the Cape. After that Jamestown,
RI. We are lucky to have so many varied habitat types within a 50 mile
radius or so.

Good collecting to you all,

Brian Bastarache
(New England Chapter)
Bristol County Agricultural School - Natural Resources Dept/
Bristol County Natural History Center

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