Question about chrosomus and other hydrophlox etc. Re: NANFA-- Jay's

Tony (
Tue, 05 Sep 2000 00:28:13 +0700

1] Are these chrosomus fired up and spawned after being kept for a long time or
are they [the spawners] collected in late winter/spring that were ripened
already? Compared to ones in natural habitat are they as brilliant? Has anyone
here kept and bred redlip, greenhead, and races of yellowfin shiners? Do they
fire up like in the wild?
2] I wonder does the Mississippi Southern redbelly dace look similar to other
SRBDs elsewhere? Is it protected?
3] Anyone here kept and/or bred arrow darter and tangerine darter? Are they all
protected in every states [and cannot be kept?]? Are there only 2 species of
arrow darters type?


"B.G. Granier" wrote:

> Hi All,
> NANFA member David Jones of Wilmington, Delaware has spawned Notropis
> chrosomus in a twenty-gallon long and currently has approximately 50 young.
> He uses a powerhead I think, and built a mound of coarse pebbles to simulate
> a Blue head chubs nest. He feeds the newly hatched fry APR until they've
> grown enough to accept finely crushed flake foods.
> After a water change, he noticed the males all aglow with the red that Jay
> described and when he realized that the fish were spawning, he took some
> excellent video that shows the spawning act! I have a copy of his tape if
> anyone wants to borrow it.
> I also took about 15 minutes of video tape of the fish spawning over a
> chub's nest in Beaver Creek, Monroe County, Alabama on May 10th of this
> year. The males were so colorful as to be unbeleivable unless you've seen it
> in person!
> I can also loan a tape of the wild school spawn to anyone who's interested.
> Regards,
> BG

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