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<< On Wednesday I spent the whole day snorkeling the Little River. I started
at the hwy 411 bridge, but the visibility wasn't that good here, probably
because of the cows that come down to the river just upstream. I may have
saw a young Longhead Darter in some water willows, but I later found a
couple if adult Duskies in the same area, so I'm not sure. There were
Tangerine Darters present but they were hard to see. There were also Gilt
Darters, Redlines, Banded and Speckled Darters. I didn't see any of the
Ashy Darters that are supposedly in this area.

I three more areas upstream of my first stop. In one spot the rocks were
totally coated with moss and I had never seen this habitat before in
Tennessee. I was surprised to see Gilt and Tangerine Darters all over the
place. I had always assumed that they liked areas clean of vegetation. I
also got a quick glimpse of the most beautiful Banded Darter I had ever
seen. It was bright emerald green with bright red in its dorsal fin. I
would have liked to have spent more time in this spot but time wouldn't
allow it.

Ashy darters are all but gone from the Little River. In all of our surveying
a couple of years ago I think we might have seen three or four. Did you see
any blotchside logperch, Percina burtoni? They are reasonably common in the
sites above 411. Now that's an impressive fish!


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