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Fri, 7 Sep 2001 18:39:49 -0400

At 9:53 AM -0700 9/7/01, Jay DeLong wrote:
>I think this discussion has ballooned into an irrational false-scare. Why
>portray hobbyist/naturalists as greedy destroyers of nature? By comparison,
>commercial and sport fishing pose a far, far greater threat to native fish
>populations by removing large long-lived individuals from native

If you are refering to my comments, I by no means consider the current rate
of take by native fish collectors to be significant, nor in any way
comparable to the take by sport anglers and commercial harvesters. I was
just suggesting that, if the hobby does become as widespread and popular as
the tropical fish hobby, and the fishes in the trade all come from the
wild, it will be a significant issue for wild fishes and management plans
will be needed.

With regard to experiencing fishes in the wild, this is invaluable for
understanding them. So we need to lead the way in preserving this
opportunity by:

Observing fishes in the wild legally and responsibly;
Working with governing agencies to keep this opportunity open;
Working to preserve the natural habitats and healthy wild stocks;
Developing a positive reputation as individuals and as an organization.

Thank you for your support.

Columbus Ohio USA <))><

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