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Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:59:21 -0700

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> > watcher, its more of a social experience. Even in Minnesota they have to
> > keep the locations of some rare birds breeding birds (Burrowing and Barn
> > Owls) secret so that people don't go disturb them. A lot of bird watchers
> > are listers and all they want to do in check off a bird on a particular
> > list
> > and some won't let anything get in their way. They'll trespass and or play
> > tapes during the nesting season in order to get another check for their
> > lists.
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> I at least agree with you, Mark, in your assessment of New England birders.
> While living in Boston I went out on some trips with friends who are birders
> (but not the obnoxious kind...). We repeatedly came across people in need of
> a serious attitude adjustment.
> Even so, I hope more people become (responsibly) interested in native
> fishes!

I hope so too. I liked the idea about freshwater snorkeling, it would
have to be low impact (teach how to leave no "footprints") and probably
collecting should be carefully respected on a neophyte level as(if) more
people get involved. On a more advanced level breeders can supply any
excess demand. It is also important to understand breeding and other
habits so beginners will be as non intrusive as possible. I was taught
that you should always roll a rock back to the position it was in before
you looked underneath to see what was there. This philosophy becomes
more important with increasing numbers of participants or focus on one
particular spot. Leave things better (less trash) than you found them.
It's not easy to care about something that anyone can disturb at will,
it is however necessary. There are plenty of consumers out there who
have little idea how to interact with nature, a few that might be
interested. I can see keeping native fish in home aquaria as something
that could be a fad, or perhaps even more enduring. All the mysterious
losses for hobbyists keeping tropicals is incentive enough to switch I
would think.
I like the informal, low key and fun oriented nature presently

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