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<< The little yellow rubber ducks are good.

such as wrapping my body w/ a multitude of those little yellow bathtub
rubber ducks and a roll of duck tape

BTW it's duck season in Ontario and my Uncle Ken owns a vinyard and some
orchard on the Niagara Penninsula by Niagara-on-the-Lake and he'd definitely
draw a bead on those ducks. How are you at dodging #12 buckshot?

Tokyo Japan >>

hi ed... ( i didnt know japanese called any of their children Ed? ) i was
thinking of returning again to the falls some time soon... but let me tell
you once is enough for going over. i intend to harness myself to some big
rock, root or overweight tourist before any more darter snorkeling.
btw... ive been told one fellow ( i cant recall his real name ) is looking
at his 3rd trip over... so the rumour goes. do you get usa today over there?
im sure it would be a cover story.
as for your uncle... dont let him be sipping his home vinyard wine ( or sake
) while he is duck hunting. i saw lots of vinyards up that way and tried to
locate bottles to return home with to no avail. so your uncle hunts ducks
with buckshot... how odd... kind of explosive. sounds like he needs glasses
too! ive tried to dodge rock salt in moonlite watermelon patches... that
stuff burns for up to a week.
i saw a very good program on pbs last night... buck naked planet... or
something like that... and it featured niagara. all about it. pretty cool.
did anyone catch it? i was hoping they edited in my part but i guess it was
to post production.
back to work...

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