NANFA-- sucker survives all summer.

R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 23:38:15 -0500

First, a little background. I have an indoor pond 4 X 6 foot and 2 feet deep
in my sunroom. I use this to keep my prized gar alive through winter, not
to risk them outside. Anyways, I had some different feeder fish in there
this spring, including what should be white suckers. I was scooping out all
the duck weed that had covered the surface throughout the summer and thought
I heard a splash of a fish on the shallow shelfs of rocks that border two
sides. So tonight I snuck out there with my spot light and looked. Sure
enough, a sucker what appeared to be in great health , was sitting on the
bottom. I am surprised, since I have tried to keep suckers alive in
aquariums with poor results. The pond had no circulation or areation of
anykind. By June the surface was a mat of riccia and duckweed along with
other plants that were floatin in the mess. Water was clear, but probably
got very hot in the summer. Probably the Murphys Law thing, if that would
have been some fish I really wanted to keep going, it would have perished,
while a feeder fish that was forgotten did fine. I feel obligated now to
bring it into an indoor tank and let it keep living ( it could become a
snack in two months).


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