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kahley (
Mon, 02 Sep 2002 06:55:42 -0500

At 11:14 PM 9/1/02 -0500, R. W. Wolff wrote:

>P.S. We did not wear boots.

Boots smoots....I broke down and ordered
a snorkeling skin...farmer john.....shorty ...WOW
I had no appreciation for what a difference
a couple ounces of poly and spandex could make!!!
One outing and I've ordered a full suit which won't
get here till too late, I'm afraid for this season
but it is going to get me into the water much earlier
next spring. To be specific, today at 10, the water
should be around 70 degrees since that is typically
the coldest of the day. This suit removes the
"ahahhahhhahah" factor as I first submerge past
the kidneys, I'm sure I will be able to do 60ish when
the full suit arrives.

Thank you to those who recommended I suit up!!!!
My husband now wants shorts of the same material
as he has an ahaahhhhahah zone of his own

One word about buoyancy...Many woman have built
in bouncy <g>...some more than others. Add the
effects of this suit and I'm having trouble getting down
to the bottom to begin the winterizing of the reef.. I
am sure that when I add the full suit, I will probably
just float on up into the sky <g>. I think I'm going
to have to add a weight belt !

Again..thanks so much for the tip. I poohpoohed the
idea and I was sooo wrong! Outstanding new piece of gear!!
Add this to my nylon windbreaker (yes, I sometimes work/swim
in an anorak when the wind is bad) and I am good to go!
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