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kahley (
Mon, 02 Sep 2002 18:14:03 -0500

At 08:11 PM 9/2/02 +0100, Pete Liptrot wrote:
> > Until this year, I didn't realize it was even alive. The two times I
>noticed it, looked like a > small piece of twig, stuck on the underside of a
>rock, I had never taken any notice to it
> > until this year. It is totally tubular.
>Sounds like the pupae of a Caddisfly (Trichoptera). They make tubular cases
>from everything from small snail shells to bits of twig (depending on
>species). did look like it was 'glued' together from bits of stuff

> > Ohhh...another new thing is a rather horrific looking bug....sort of
> > shield shaped and flatish...again on the underside of rocks. I guess
> > I've never paid much attention to the tiniest reefers till this year.
>This may be a Water Scorpion. It is an insect (Hemiptera, a true Bug).
>Alternatively it could be a Saucer Bug (also Hemiptera) or similar.

No good google pics...
It doesn't hold it's legs tight to the bod as this one does..
but that may be a hunting stance? and if that pics is true size, it's a least
twice the size of the biggest of these that I've seen. And I didn't notice
a "tail". My bug seemed wider and shorter...shaped more like the shield
on a US highway sign....not the interstate signs...a route 66 sign?
If they stay local, I know where one was last Friday. Actually an Adult
and a juvenile
I'll look tomorrow.
Today I went cruising out on the flats trying to get a pic of the little
fish that
lives under the rocks to see if it's a darter or what. My reef was being
used by a very nice, serious, patient photographer who was trying for a
pic of the big boys (bass). I didn't want to mess up her water as this
was her last chance this season.
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