RE: NANFA-- Swine Creek... the real swine

Crail, Todd (
Tue, 3 Sep 2002 11:05:02 -0400

I stand firm in the belief that any time there is a substaintial amount of
motorized power available to any individual, their IQ drops by about 20
(myself included, I'm sure everyone has experienced this :). Put a video
camera on it, and you loose another 10. For *some* individuals, this severely
impairs their ability to reason, and unfortunately, their "afterglow"
sometimes continues on into the rest of their activities.

Then, just add alcohol and you have Instant Jack_at_$$ (tm)!

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From: Bruce Stallsmith

What is it about motorized
"sports" in open areas that often gets people (guys, of course...) acting
like this? Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) access is a major dispute in a lot of
federal lands, from Cape Cod, MA, to Death Valley, CA, and southern Utah. I
don't think that the majority of ORV people are total a**holes like in
Casper's story, but you certainly give any goofballs easy access to places
they wouldn't get to otherwise.
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