Re: NANFA-- Swine Creek... the real swine

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 3 Sep 2002 14:34:32 -0500

Just as there is a**holes on atvs and in 4X4s, there are a**holes on horses,
or anywhere for that matter. Just because a few do this don't mean all do.
Here atvs have become nearly an endangered species, while snowmobiles
flourish. Somehow snowmobiles, or deathmobiles as I call them, get pretty
much free range. Supposedly driving on snow doesn't wreck anything. The good
guys don't, since they don't want to wreck their sleds, but the jerks will
drive on nearly or bare ground and do damage. They also eat away black top
and concrete road surfaces at crossings. What I am getting at is there are
bad apples in all areas, and by showing my prejudice against snowmobiles,
and how it looks and really is I am trying to show that as well. There are
people who think hikers and mountain bikers are ruining places as well, so
you can see where this would lead if instead of punishing bad apples,
persons try to punish everyone for the misdeeds of a few.
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