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Tue, 3 Sep 2002 23:28:09 EDT

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<< So what you're saying is the motor arrived there by airplane? :) >>
So I guess we outlaw 4X4's, trial bikes, walking boots, and only allow
qualified observers to appreciate the wilds? If I had a dime for every pound
of trash I've hauled out of the woods or the beach (mostly put there on
purpose by trash dumpers not 4X4 enthusiasts) I'd wouldn't be counting
pennies to buy fish food. In some places around here you have to buy a permit
to drive on the beach. that way you keep tourists and one timers from going
out and "seeing what it will do" off the beach. I am proud to drive my Jeep.
One of my favorite examples is the north end of Wrightsville Beach. At one
time they tried to even keep people from walking the north end dunes. They
had me convinced it was an area best preserved in it's pristine glory. Then
they built beach houses and hotels on it. So I stayed of the beach for 20
years so some A$#_at_%$ could get rich later on. Bullshit!

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