RE: NANFA-- Swine Creek... the real swine

Crail, Todd (
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 11:16:31 -0400

Hi Kahley,

I look very forward to seeing your pictures :)

I missed that commercial because I don't have a tv... But I'll just stop
there before I start the next line of *accusations* that in my curmudgeonous
ways, I feel *everyone* who owns a television is under Beelzebub's mind
control *despite* what good they can accomplish with one, and therefore should
be *banished* from my select group of humanity which basically includes, well,
ME. (Sarcastic? Moi? Naaaahhhhh.. ;)


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From: kahley

Have you seen the new TV commercial for the "eco-friendly 4WD"?
A couple, in their "quiet" scaled down sport utility stares in wonder
at the pretty deer who are then run off my the roar of a HUGE SUV.
Ha! As a hiker in the off season, the concept of a quieter SUV
sorta misses the mark for me.

But I had a jeep in my early twenties and it didn't make me want
to "rape and kill" or even litter.
Maybe it's a "guy thang" <ducking and running and grinning>
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