Re: NANFA-- Re: nanfa V1 #1405 -- Swine Creek... the real swine

Robert Carillio (
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 10:59:26 -0500

. Any volunteers to solve that
> problem?

This is a compelling story, Moon. Yes, all you indicate is obviously the
biggest problem. This is why we must not allow those places that we CAN save
and set aside, to be impacted by anything that can degrade habitat, and that
would include irresponsible 4 wheeler or 4x4 driving in back areas.

As for solving the overall problem, I don't have a certain soultion,
however, perhaps we can start teaching children and raising a new generation
to place value on the natural world, instead of the "material" one which
has it's "raw beginnings" in the Earth. Let us teach and show a new
generation that resources aren't limitless and that it is a myth that a
piece of land left in it's natural state has no economic value.

Let us educate them about how such land and trees cleans the air, water,
etc, that just may impact health care costs spent on sicknesses that perhaps
can be linked to bad air or water, such as cancer (elements in air and water
linked to cancers)

Maybe if we expose the new generation to these areas and show them how to
treat it, they will grow to love it... I remember Robert Rice used to quote
someone by saying.. "We only save what we love, and we only LOVE what we
know".... Perhaps it is time in our schools that the natural world be at the
forefront of what we are teaching our children about (not just Rainforests
and Reefs, but the world as one living organism).

Maybe this way, our natural world won't fall in the shaddows of what
many people are hypnotically taught to believe is "cool" by mass
marketing.. that is, the material world!

Now, if we can just get nature to be the "cool" thing to learn about,
without exploiting it as tourist attractions! This discussion has me
wanting to submit a little article I was working on for the program for our
local river fest on saving greenspace in our area. I will forward it to the
list. It's geared at getting people to think ahead 20 years....

Rob C.
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