RE: NANFA-- preserving greenspace..It's not too bad yet.

John Bongiovanni (
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 13:26:09 -0500

Well it appears that we all have the right sentiments concerning our green spaces and improving them. What we lack is a plan. "That" is where the contoversy is. For some the plans go too far, for other the plans don't go far enough. To control urban sprawl do we limit yard size by legislation? Driving down the road the other day I saw a wonderful patch of woods and thought "what a great place to build my house". Many of us want to reside in or near "Nature" but is that the correct thing to do? How many "naturalists" does it take to build in a location before the landscape is ruined?

We cannot walk this earth without changing it. But who decides where and how I live? Who decides what materials I build with?

Sure there are things we can do. I always try to leave my camping area cleaner than when I found it. I can buy a more fuel efficient and cleaner burning vehicle. Recycle when I can. I won't become a vegetarian because of the effect of grazing has on the environment. Most recommendations that I've ever read about preserving our environments are basically PC dribble that won't account for much if any improvement of the environment. To significantly improve the environment and preserve what we have drastic measures are required. Who is going to make those decisions?

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