Re: NANFA-- preserving greenspace..It's not too bad yet.

Robert Carillio (
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 22:07:45 -0500

Todd, You have pointed out even more in detail why preserving, maintaining
and protecting is so important. It makes me think of more....

When it comes to either preservation or environmental protection, I have
encountered some people who seem to believe that once it is cleaned up, we
can drop the laws protecting it. This is like saying that once you restore
an old century home, you never have to do any thing else to it. Obviously
maintaining a home like that is a continuous job, not a "one time practice".
Preservation and protecting the environment is also an ongoing job.

This means that just because the water "is cleaner now" than 30 years ago,
that we aren't simply supposed to drop the regs and go back to the
polluting days of old. While it may have been cleaned up in one regard,
which may demonstrate a reason to reduce or perhaps scrap a law, the
question is.... what "new" threats will the environment face in the

As for streams and surface water, one of the big threats these days isn't
steel mill discharge.. it's siltation caused from sprawl and poor farm
practices. Point to this is, that preservation and protecting, in today's
world, isn't a "one time job"....

Rob C.
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