Re: NANFA-- Where the WalMarts are

Robert Carillio (
Thu, 5 Sep 2002 20:52:55 -0500

> Instead of blaming Walmart - maybe we ought to concentrate on putting an
> end to government sprawl!

Jeff... You make so many wellfounded, eyebrow raising, and compelling
points, but the question now is..

Do you think big corporate entities, such as, in the case being discussed
here, the "wal-Marts" and the like, would like it if there was an "end put
to the Government sprawl" as you state?.. Afterall, as you indicated
throughout, it is what drives them and their lifeblood.

If this were haulted, so may they be, and I wonder what they will do
anyone who dares enact such legislation. On another thought that stemed
from this discussion, I am not sure i am sold on the notion, that people
will do "the right thing" ecologically with their land if much government
was eliminated. I maintain that just as we need a police department to
protect us in the cities, in this world today as it is, we still need a
strong and national environmental law standard.

Back to the Wal-Mart thing... Those elected probably have stock in places
like Wal-Mart. Since it looks as though it is a snowball out of control,
many feel it's impossible to challenge.

I have felt that way often, and it is for this reason, at least for now, I
refuse to spend money when I know it's linked to those who get corporate
welfare. I probably can't avoid it though, when I purchase a car or gas!
:-) It's tough to account for all the variables, but it's worth a try.... In
the meantime, Wal-Mart gets nothing from me if they and companies like
them, continue to abuse their pull with with local governments.

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