Re: NANFA-- preserving greenspace..It's not too bad yet.

Allen Boatman (
Fri, 06 Sep 2002 07:28:01 -0400

There is something very poignant here that my pastor always said when it
was just he and I talking off by ourselves. People can talk all they
want, but when they put their money where their mouth is, then commitment
is a reality.

In the county of my birth, Brevard County, Florida, people ban together
and buy sizable chunks of land and then turn them into nature preserves.

You cant just steal land from people who have paid for it without just
compensation. Banding together to pool resources and save wildlands is an
idea that seems foreign to most environmentalist extremists and that is
what sticks in my craw. It seems they would rather have the government go
in and take the land or forbid people from developing the land afte they
have paid their hard earned dollars for it. Like Moon says, teach your
kids conservation (not environmentalism), put your money where your mouth
is, and act. One person may not make a difference, but the actions of one
person can set an example, or precedence if you will, that may spearhead
an effort. Until we put our money where our mouth is though, all this
discussion is mere drivel.

(flame shields up and no grins)

Mr. Allen M. Boatman
Instructor of Horticulture
Orient Road Jail
Hillsborough County School Districts
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