Re: NANFA-- Re: Fundulus blairae

R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 7 Sep 2002 10:55:57 -0700

> Wow! really nice stuff. What is your water source or did I miss that
> somewhere?

Thank you. I have well water. It comes out of the ground with a pH between
6.2 and 6.8, and a hardness of ( or whichever this is called) of 30ppm to
80ppm. It depends on the season, and winter is the least acidic, harder
water. Once the ponds are filled I do not do water changes, except the
needed ones for when I drain the ponds for a harvest. Otherwise it is mostly
rain or topping it off. I have a test kit on order to determine what the
conditions are and will start checking monthly or biweekly. I have had luck
with all sorts of other species of fish spawning in the other tubs and ponds
besides the killi ponds. Bantam, Green, Dollar, bluespotted, black banded,
warmouth, and orange spotted sunfish, Fundlus notatus, diaphanus, grandis,
H. formosa, sailfin mollies, blacknose shiners, red shiners, spotfin
shiners, least darter, johnny darter, e. evergladei, e. zonatum, e.
okeefenokee, eastern mudminnows, central mudminnows, rivulus derhami,
cryptocallus and a few more I am forgetting. These are all fish that
produced young in decent numbers in the past years. There are also several
other fish that spawned, but I never found young.

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