NANFA-- "Growth Rates of MO Stream Fishes"

Brian Haas (
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 07:52:21 -0500

For Wally and anyone else interested in growht rates of fishes, the
Missouri Department of Conservation put out a publication entitled "Growth
Rates of Missouri Stream Fishes" by Charles A. Purkett, Jr. in 1958, with a
second printing in '61. This was the first title in their Aquatic Series.
All titles in this series are to be had free of charge from the department
(provided that copies are still available). When I put in my request for
this title a few years ago, several of the others that I wanted were no
longer available.

"Growth Rates" is certainly an oldie, but if you're interested, sending a
request is worth a try.

Travis Haas
Hazel Green, WI

At 10:06 PM 9/2/02 -0400, Wally wrote:
>Can anyone tell me, the average growth rates of Smallmouth Bass? I have seen
>Life History Reports of other species that say fish "x" will grow to 3 inches
>in its first year, 10 inches its second and so on, but I have not been
able to
>find out anything like this for Smallmouth. I have successfully raised one
>from a tiny fry less than a week old, that is now about 2.5" and I am
>wondering how quickly it will continue to grow. I do realize that it will not
>see winter, and this will make it grow quicker.
>Anyone have any ideas/input? Ever tried it? I discovered that bass fry are
>quite hard to raise and that they like to kill each other until you only have
>one dominate one left. The smallmouth fry have also grown much slower than
>largemouth fry which also seem to be far less agressive toward each other
>the smallmouth are.
>Thanks in advance,
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