Re: NANFA-- Re: Snakeheads in SC

Bruce Stallsmith (
Sat, 14 Sep 2002 18:52:57 -0400

Well, OK. We could get all worked up about the nanny state and other
Libertarian feel-good issues. But there is a long-term problem in the pet
hobby, that people buy small, cute animals that turn into large,
hard-to-keep animals and letting them loose can seem a good idea. Everyone
on this list has a pretty good idea that that's a bad idea, and in truth
most animal hobbyists know that too. But it only takes a very few instances
of ignoramuses releasing snakeheads or some other fishes and we all have a
problem that's not easily fixed. How do you weigh my interest in not having
any of the Channidae released into North American waters versus the interest
of someone who wants to keep these fishes? Of course I don't like having
Gambusia released all over the place either, but government agenices do it
in many places, especially California... Exotic species introductions are
number two behind habitat destruction for causing extinctions. How much do
you care? That's the stark, ugly question.

And I should know about the small, cute animal bit above; that's how I came
into Nigel, a Nile Monitor lizard who lives in my greenhouse. When he was
only a foot long he was too much for the person who bought him; now he's
three feet long. And so it goes...

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL, US of A

> This is not la la land goofy talk, this kind of stuff has been
>to reptile keepers for atleast a decade. This makes quick feel good laws
>passed, they make legislators look good because they are taking action. Not
>to mention more money can be drawn in. Now some of you thought Jeff's post
>on government intrusion was irrelevant.
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