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I don't want to make myself unwelcome in NANFA -- I love native fishes and I
work hard to learn about them and educate others about them.

However, I must respond to the constant harangue that is occuring concerning
regulations on importing, keeping, transporting and so on of non-native
animals. If we find the regulations to be scientifically unsound, we should
work with the regulators to develop scientifically sound approaches.

WRT the problems that reptile keepers have with regulations: The
regulations have come about because dealers and unscrupulous hobbyists have
contributed substantially to the decimation of both native reptiles and
those native to other countries. Try to find a Trans Pecos Rat Snake in the
wild. There are precious few. Yet dealers continue to collect and sell
them to hobbyists who continue to buy them. The fact that the species is
protected and it is forbidden to import it, possess it, transport it and so
on seems to matter little to some of them. Scrupulous hobbyists need to
help conservation agencies in their effort to protect and preserve
wildlife -- as I have noted that most members of this organization do.
Please, let's keep it that way.

Dave McNeely

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> This is not la la land goofy talk, this kind of stuff has been
> to reptile keepers for atleast a decade. This makes quick feel good laws
> passed, they make legislators look good because they are taking action.
> to mention more money can be drawn in. Now some of you thought Jeff's post
> on government intrusion was irrelevant.
> Ray
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