NANFA-- exotics
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:53:54 EDT

I'm glad to hear that some of you are willing to give up the aquarium hobby
if it means no more exotics will be released by aquarists and the threat to
our environment posed by aquarium animals would be eliminated. Unfortunately
the aquarium hobby is just a drop in the bucket and if aquarium fish were
outlawed completely habitat destruction, release of exotics, and other
environmental problems would continue on. The elimination of the aquarium
hobby wouldn't fix anything because by far the worst threats to our
environment are not caused by fish keeping but by construction, pollution,
filling in of wetlands, legal exotic releases, clear cutting of forests, high
way construction, the list goes on and on but these things will not stop
because i can't keep fish any more but the people who make the rules can crow
at the top of their lungs about how they are doing something about the
problems because they have eliminated the evils of home aquarium abuse! When
you want to really solve a problem you go after the biggest problems not the
small ones. I used to be involved with quality control in a large company. If
I had approached problems by making a big show of eliminating tiny problems
and leaving the big ones I wouldn't have been allowed to continue
investigating the problems.

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