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I leave my tropical fish outside even when the temps drop into the low 60's
So far I've been lucky. My iridescent shark has lived temps as low as 54 but
he was immobile and stiff. he quickly perked up when dropped into 75 degree
water. If he had been cold much longer he would have been a goner! Around
here April to end of October are outdoor fish months most of the time but
have to watch the weather and the temps. fish can with stand downward swings
in temps slowly if it's very slowly but a quick down turn can be deadly. May
to end of September is a sure thing every year for outdoor tropicals here. I
use three 300watt heaters to keep my 125 at tropical temps even though it is
just in a shed not an airtight building. Most of the winter just one 300watt
heater will come on. I usually set each of them at different temp. One at
one at 72, and one at 68. Temp of this "outdoor" tank stay in the 74 to 76
range most of the time. last winter in a really cold spell in January one of
the heaters quit but the temps stayed the same.

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I have no idea what this has to do with darters, sorry!

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