Re: NANFA-- An aside...nothing to do with fish

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 23:08:24 -0500

> Has anyone ever noticed seeing different colors in different eyes?

Mine seem the same, but one sees further than it is supposed to, and the
other nearer. Stigmatism. If I flip my glasses upside down I really see
funny. Annoying things, but I can't stand to touch my eye, so contacts are
out. I could not figure out why I got so tired driving , especially at
night. Oddly, most people have problems with brighter light with stigmatism.
I guess our eyes are as unique as we are. I played a game on a road trip
with a friend. Here is what we did. I asked him to tell me when road signs
came into crisp focus without trying to strain. It was way before I could.
That is when I knew I needed to visit the eye doc.

I know many people who are colored blind, and they are all different. One
guy sees bright reds as green, but all other colors are normal. Another guy
I know says that he sees everything in shades of brown. Then there is the
flip side of this where some people dream in color , others in black and
white, and other combinations.

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