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What I always do is bore people who "don't like fish" with a dissertation on the ill tastes of left over Lactic Acid and Adenosine Diphosphate from the rigor processes... Especially in piscovores who's muscles are designed to make fast bursts of anaerobic activity and as you said, get drug around all day in a marathon of sorts and really building up the lactic acid in the muscles. All the biochem usually quickly convinces them that if they'll at least try my fish, I'll shut up :) And then we have new champions of eating fresh fish as an outcome.

I agree. Pike are darned tasty out cold cold water and straight from the line to the board to the grill/oven/pan. People seem to whine about "hammerhandles" but oh man... Their Y bones zip out the easiest, the bones that are left cook out and that meat is so so so so tasty. Over 28" should just go back in the water ;)

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All fish, but oily ones even more importantly, must be kept for a very short
time and with refrigeration after cleaning in order for the strong taste to
be palatable. Most people who DO NOT LIKE fish, have never eaten truly fresh
fish. Any fish will be better if fresh, but some are very much better when
fresh. My favorite fish is northern pike if they are caught within a half
hour of dinner time. My least favorite fish to eat is a northern pike that
has been dragged around on a stringer all day before cleaning. The longer
they are kept, before cleaning, cooking and eating the "fishier" they taste.
Bluefish are similar in that regard.

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