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Thanks for that link Lee :)

It's just amazing that it could be that messy that far away from stuff. I even checked a place we went that was somewhere right in the vincinity of *nowhere* and there were still warnings on walleye and pike under 18 inches! It was worse than further south! I guess there could be mining effluent or something... But man alive.

It was actually much better where we go that is about 2.5 hours north of Peterborough up by the Algonquin Land. Which is waaaay further south than the other. Oh well, I guess we'll just eat the smaller perch and pumpkinseeds when we're up there next year. I'd already removed bass from the potential food list (4 meals per month at 15")... It makes me nervous they didn't list pike for the area we usually go.

Oh well. Perhaps I should get rid of my tobacco vice before I start whining about what industry does to everything. ;)


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<< When we're up north tho, I don't think there's as much chance for mercury
buildup, but I have seen a couple lakes go "sterile", which is sooooo not
cool. >>

It depends on the body of water, I don't know how far north you need to go
but according to Ontario's Guide to Eating Ontario Sport Fish, you can be way
up there and still need to be careful. For example the Abitibi River contains
walleyes that should be eaten only sparsely over 12 inches. Whereas farther
south, the warning starts at 22 inches for walleye in Lake Scugog, as an


Lee Harper
Media, PA

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