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Rose Lawn Museum (
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 10:07:05 -0400

Hi Traci

Being one of the "middle-aged men," I hesitated to answer this one.
However, your points are well taken. At first, I too was amazed at the
average age of the NANFAns I met, but this has been more than offset by the
degree of knowledge and experience. While age is no guarantee of wisdom, it
makes sense that the longer one observes fishes the more one is apt to
learn and be able to share with others. I would encourage you to
participate for that reason alone if there were no others. On the other
hand, if you spent a day with young Dave Neely (AL), you would gain a
substantial amount of knowledge in a short time.

As for gender, at least three of our GA outings in the past year have
included females from several different states. I wisely did NOT ask their
ages. (-: I guess the point I would stress is that the quality of the
individuals I've encountered in the pursuit of fishes has offset any
pre-conceived notions about age, gender, or location. But, hey, I'm one of
the old guys...what would you expect me to say? (-:

Steven A. Ellis
Kennesaw, GA
(Now, where did I leave my walker?)

At 10:42 PM 9/24/02 -0700, you wrote:
>I wish I could go to this kind of thing! Sounds like fun, I however have
been spending most of my evenings and weekends doing homework. I realize
that it is important that I learn everything there is to know about 130
species of trees, and that I may someday need to find out how much
merchantable wood is in a 75' 15" pine tree. I am a wildlife major,
however, I am realizing this semester is about TREES. Actually, we did
spend 20 min measuring long dead fish in one class, but we are back to
trees now. Before I complain about school any more, I do love it. I am
outside almost every day for lab. (getting bitten by bugs and measuring
>I lost my point. I think we should enlist more females and college age
people. The idea of me spending a weekend w/ middle age men, not many women
and no one my age, however fun the fish, is just not acceptable. (I also
think that my significant other has something to do with this idea- party
>Yes, we need a younger, more diverse group of fish lovers so that the
minority may come forward! AKA me!
>Am I the only female on the NANFA list? only female under 25? I know there
is Travis, but are there any others here that are 20ish?? Speak up, don't
be shy!
>I want to share the moon pies!
>Traci - on her soapbox. again.
>ps. its late, what can I say.
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