Re: NANFA-- Youth and Fish Worship

Bruce Stallsmith (
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 20:09:44 -0400

Yeah, you're on to something with the X-sports thing. Next warm season we
should have another trip to the Hiwassee River in the Cherokee (I think)
National Forest in TN for white water seining. It's a team sport, really;
three people on the net, two snorkelers to spot and drive fish, and one
person to yell directions. But, it's about the best way to find Tangerine
darters and some of the Cyprinella shiners!

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL, US of A

>I don't really worship fish, but I have noticed most people my age (20's)
>don't care enough to learn the scientific name of a bass. Let alone gather
>with other people for the sole purpose of learning about and discussing
>fish. Most people my age are never even around any bodies of water, unless
>there is some kind of water sport going on. Lets face it, this is the
>extreme sports generation, and hogsuckers and darters just don't provide
>the adrenaline. Today it rained for several hours before finally letting
>up so I could go outside and hike the half mile trail to Coldwater Spring.
>Nature is highly under-rated with today's youth.
> Jon Hanson
> Anniston, AL
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