Re: NANFA-- alabama gettaway and such

geoff and julie kimber (
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 20:37:14 -0400

that's it. I'm old now. might as well pre-pay my burial.

I can understand your discomfort at hanging out with a bunch of disgusting
old men who are strangers. You might consider doing day trips with a couple
of us so you can bail more easily if you become uncomfortable. Once you get
to know the people you are hanging out with, you will be less likely to be
as uncomfortable at prolonged exposures. Why, I myself have been able to
increase my tolerance of steven and casper to the point that I no longer
want to run screaming to my car when I meet them in a stream.

On the serious side -
I am a very nearly middle aged man who works in a hospital. I really have
no contact with young women who are interested in fishing, other than on
this list. In fact, I think people at the university would be rather
uncomfortable if I showed up out of the blue and invited a bunch of colleage
aged women to join me and my friends on a collecting trip. probably get a
visit from the local constable. probably sleep on the couch for a while

I think the only way to get more young people involved in collecting is to
invite them yourselves. I know I would appreciate additional viewpoints and
the chance to help new people learn about native fish.

geoff kimber

They say the mind is the second thing to go. I forgot what the first thing

Inside every old person is a 20-year old saying "When the heck did *this*
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