Robert Carillio (
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 15:22:57 -0500

> > Nice job, Rob. It's fun and educational and involves a community
> effort. Don't get dismayed if you don't get much help. Good efforts like
> this accomplish things you can't predict and reach people you may never

Thanks Jay... I have noticed that when planning things like this, you meet
people that are really interesting and it's nice to see the enthusiasm
about stream education continue to grow here. Just five years ago, there
was never this much UNIFIED interest in stream monitering in the Warren
area. I truly believe that NANFA helped me help with this. There was
emphasis on "stream monitering" with the emphasis going towards the macro
invertebrate community. While this is of extreme importance all by itself,
there was never this kind of interest in the fishes as there is today...

We just continue to hear and see more and more people into it. It's not
propaganda I am throwing out here.. it's just something that has been very
noticeable. I think the River Fests have helped reveal this because I am
always having more and more people come up to me and say.. "Oh Yes.. NANFA..
Darters, etc... I saw or heard something about this".... You see the
schools getting involved big time with the Mahoning River Education Program
designed by an MRC member, and fortunately, NANFA and it's interests have
been able to "piggy back" on that effort to expose to many, the native
fishes of the area other than only the game fish. The results are a growing
number of people here who are joining the interests and efforts to clean up
the river...
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