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Which TFH articles/issue? Is it not the chinese paddlefish? 9 meters
fish is giant in any freshwater standard [bigger than beluga, Chao
Phraya freshwater stingray, Mekong giant catfish, Arapaima, and that
giant Amazon catfish]...


Mysteryman wrote:
> Hey, Ya'll!
> Well, I'm finally home for a couple of days.
> It sure was a shock to find that I had 1,677 emails waiting!
> Well, where to start..
> Isn't it funny how much fish ( and ALGAE ) grow when you're not looking?
> All my tiny little fry are looking like small adults now. The algae..OY!
> What a mess to come home to.
> I've been all over the continent, and while I haven't been able to do
> any collecting, I sure have found a lot of nice places for it. Oh, how I
> envy you people with clear streams instead of the the chocolate rivers
> we have down here in Alabama. I swear I could see clear to the bottom in
> quite a few places, and in those places I could see fish aplenty.
> I think I saw a big school of Bluehead Shiners in one stream in
> Arkansas, right off the side of the road. It looked like about fifty or
> so little bits of blue tinfoil drifting in the water. I definately saw
> so many Cardinal Shiners in one little stream that the water looked
> almost red when the sunlight caught them just right. WOW!
> Alas, I didn't have a net, a license, the time, or any way to take any
> with me.
> Illinois...water, water everywhere. Darters galore, too, and plainly
> visible from the bank.
> North old childhood stomping grounds. I took a detour
> through my old hometown of Dunn, and before long I wound up at the place
> where I used to catch Cape Fear Shiners aplenty. ( Hey, what does a
> ten-year old know about endangered species? ) I'm happy to report that
> they're still there, hanging tough!
> Texas--
> Well, Texas was a disappointment. The Sabine was muddy, the Rio Grande
> was so polluted it looked like little could live in it, and while the
> Llano was certainly a very pretty river to behold, I couldn't see a
> single fish. The Llano, for those who haven't seen it, is a very
> peculiar color. It looks like one of those dried peas you'd find in a
> just-add-water cup of ramen noodle soup, being a pretty green with a
> whitish cast. Weird.
> I have to say it's very annoying to be a native fish fan and be unable
> to collect when given such a grand opportunity to travel.
> In other news, did any of you catch that article in TFH regarding the
> mysterious new giant fish in China?
> There's this remote lake in some obscure corner of China which has some
> as yet undescribed fish in it. They were discovered only recently,
> either 1986 or 96 or something..I don't have the article here with me.
> Anyway, these fish are a vivid red color, roughly salmonid in shape, and
> they have an estimated maximum length approaching 30 feet!!!!
> I saw some fish on aquabid once which were asian, a bright red color,
> very large, and horrifically expensive. The auction warned that they
> were rare and apt to grow to tremendous size. I wonder if that was them?
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