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<< Sajjad ps: Anybody here running for Governer of California? >>

Sounds like a perfect job for Moon!! In California, he could win based
solely on his nickname!!

He could appoint hard core NANFA members to environmental and conservation
posts. It could be the first state with a Director of Fresh Water Snorkeling
and a Director of Fresh Water Reefs. (Someone tell Kahley she is nominated.
She can be Director of Fresh Water Mermaids, too.) Chris Scharpf could be
Director of the Whole Eco System. He'd get a large staff for the now glossy, all
color "American Currents". Jay's in charge of fisheries.

I imagine certain types of water pollution penalties would involve public
Including entire boards and executives suites of large companies. Mining
companies in particular should be careful with Moon.

"My Governor is Moon."

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

(And now back to reality.)
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